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Feb. 28th, 2010

But I am le tired

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Gonna make a huge effort to not sit and stare at the computer screen today, gonna make my fingers move over more than the keyboard. Also playing, well deeply considering moving back to blogger. I'm not liking the huge dump of ads here on LJ that I'm getting just by logging in and trying to update. It is easier to update by phone through LJ, however, I rarely do that anyway.
Blogger seems better.

You know where to find me

& yes, my next update will be viewable through that link, whenever that is.

Feb. 23rd, 2010

cinnamon roll

(no subject)

So I finally get around to posting again, and the time is only made available to me because I go in (all week!) from 1-10/2-10ish. I'm going to enjoy this, although I did "sleep in" until 7:30am this morning, I forsee me being a bit tired at the end of the evening.
I'm also catching myself looking at the clock, with a thought in my head that I'm going to be late for work! What am I still doing in my pajamas? Then I realize that I still have a good 4-5 hours until I need to be there XD
So today, and tomorrow morning are going to be fruitful, I promise. I'm making a good start by doing something I haven't done all month; clippin' coupons and scanning local sales ads! This appeals to my inner $money$ saver, however small she may be, I enjoy finding deals, even if its getting a jar of peanut butter for $1.10 when its going for $3.00 at work. I don't eat a lot of peanut butter, maybe 3 pb&j sammiches a month, but who knows, I may make a batch of peanut butter cookies. And thats the way it goes.
I've eaten at Subway twice this work week, and although that's pretty much -the worst thing- I'm eating these days (not counting the pizza I ordered the other day), I need to make a bento today aaand do my workouts. I kind of slacked off on working out when I was unsure of whether or not I was going to Acen.
Acen was my goal, what I was working torwards, and when Treavor told me that he wasn't able to give us a ride up there, I pretty much gave it all up to a loss. However, I kept looking and asked one of my co-workers that I knew was going, if they had room in their vehicle for 2 more people and we'd pay for gas. She said yes! I'm supah happy about that, I just need to start getting the ball rolling on everything else, however I have 2 1/2 months left, so I'm slacking off but I'm not rushing things together. I need to find out what hotel we're staying in, get started back on my costume, try to get together with Brianna to see if we can get her costume done, see if she's even still going, ask for time off (holy crap I hope I get it >>) etc etc.

I've been having trouble recently sleeping, wtb a good sound sleep?
So I bought a new pillow, lavender scents and keeping chewy in his bed at night, I'm hoping that works. I'm thinking of buying a mouth guard for people who grind their teeth, it's getting insane.

Also, Spring is coming! Which means its time to start some garden planning :D I just need to find time to doodle.


Jan. 29th, 2010


(no subject)

Good news...
I'm inheriting a washer & dryer! I'm very excited about this, you've no idea!
I was looking at the basket of dirty laundry in my closet, just dreaming of being able to toss them into the wash without having to pack everything up and get a ride over to my parents /sigh.
And when Chewy poops on my shoes, BAM! Into the washer! When I run out of clean towels to dry up the dishes, BAM!....they're in the dryer, but they will be done soon!
Life will be a bunch easier around the house, I just have to clean out the boxes of siblings belongings from the utility room and figure out where the deep freeze is going to :/

Jan. 28th, 2010


(no subject)

Well I got into work much too early today, but early enough to get everything I needed to get done. I'm such a creature of habit and schedule that I bore my own self from time to time. Waking up 2 hours before my clock in time, gives me enough time to wake up, coffee up, clean up, dressup, and take care of the dog, not to mention some light cleaning of the mess I made the night/s before.
Speaking of messes, I talked Dad into letting Jake (Chewy's brother) stay the night last night. It was more like me asking if he could stay and Dad thanking me :p
I took Chewys pen and stretched it out to cut off the kitchen from the living room, and then used the babygate to keep them from going into the utility room and my bedroom, so they had the whole freakin' kitchen to play, pee, poop, sleep, and run around in.
And boy, did they ever pee. I had to sop up 4 different pee puddles this morning, never mind the numerous peepads I laid out for them, that would be too much trouble walk over to and urinate onto. Pfft. Guess what I'm doing after work today...moping the kitchen floor and vaccuuming up the stuffed animal guts from the living room! Hope you had fun guys.

Two days ago now? I got the first part of the Yuzuki costume started, that would be the cutting of the fabric. I found a pretty close pattern at walmart, a Wizard of Oz costume set, just the right style of skirt and I figure since Yuzuki wears an apron, I have a lot of wiggle room with how the top is made, seeing as its going to be covered up by the apron top anyway.
I'm forseeing that the dress is either going to be too large or that I didn't allot enough fabric in the first place, I ran just a smidges short cutting the final piece, but we what doesn't work is always practice :)

I've really made myself proud too, aside from the occasional Rockstar, I have completely given up pop & soda. Going on my 5th day, I think? And eating either a bowl of oatmeal or a banana for breakfast. Going a long way from not eating anything until lunch time, then eating absolute crap.
Not to mention I'm working out AGAIN. I've been doing a light cardio for 30 minutes every morning and am going to step it up to something harder next week.

Jan. 20th, 2010

girl painting

(no subject)

Nothing like having to work the minute you wake up.
I'm not referring to letting Chewy out to do his morning doodies, or making coffee either.
My Etsy store is picking up in sales, which means me alotting time in the evening to get everything packaged for shipping, which isn't a HUGE job to tackle, but I'm a procrastinator and if there's something more exciting going on in the kitchen or on the computer, I feel the want to put it off until the morning. Shame on me.

I'm loving how every morning is feeling more and more like Spring. Although my furnace is kept on (too high! wtf hot up in here!), here in the "office" it's kept slightly cool, like t-shirt weather, and maybe that is what's fooling me. Mm I can't wait until Spring though. Although we still have a bit of cold Winter left here, and who ever knows about Hoosier weather?

Looks like I will be going to ACEN this year. *cough* This is not something I'm going to get my hopes up about..yet. Not until I get the final "ok!" from Treavor about two things, when I see that my time off request for a long weekend has been approved, and when I see Brianna's costume done. I'm scared/nervous about that one. Brianna's never been to an anime convention before, she just turned 16, there is no nice way to put it, she's a con virgin and fresh meat! She is also my step-niece-by-law-whatever. My sister's fiance's daughter, does that help?
I'm imagining me walking her around with one of those kiddie harnesses, warding her away from the slobbering teenage boys and 40 yr old creepers. She's a smart girl though, I think she will have a blast seeing..well everything that ACEN has to offer an anime fan, and for that I can't wait until we go. I just have to get our ride figured out (not assuming that we're riding with Treavor), and those blasted costumes!
Mine is easy, peasy. I'm doing Yuzuki from Chobits.

Ever since my first ACEN, when I did Chii, I also wanted to do Yuzuki, but never got around to investing in a long blue wig! The other thing, aside from creating the costumes, is to lose about 100 lbs. Which just means I need to step up from the regular light workouts I'm doing every morning. Any suggestions would be nice. And before you comment on my weight loss goal, that was an exaggeration, I'm really only about 50 lbs from my ideal body weight, curse these bones! But 50 lbs in 4 months does not sound healthy to me >>
Now to just get my hands on my mom's sewing machine...

Jan. 13th, 2010

Where rainbows come from

(no subject)

It's way too late in the night to be up still! Thank the stars though that I'm not due into work until noon. And I'm going to say "noonish" because that makes me feel less tired.
I just added a dozen or so new items to my Etsy, and have the want to design something myself for the shop. You know, my own logo type! I've just felt the urge to draw, I guess not having a working sewing machine is bottling up my creativity and I've nowhere to unleash it *stares at knitting needles and bento resting in fridge*

Jan. 12th, 2010

cinnamon roll

(no subject)

Remember getting Highlights magazine as a child? My favorite parts were the little comic panels and the reader art. I admit I would compare my own artistic work to that of the submissions. Remember the Goofus & Galant comic panels? I always thought Goofus was a lazy ass, how obvious is it to us, the things he screws up or slacks off of doing. They wrote the directions for making mac & cheese for a reason, you douche.

Until yesterday. I cook like Goofus. I don't mean the mac & cheese, we all know how to do that, and some of us even have our own, though successful, way of cooking mac & cheese. I wanted to make potato soup, using my moms recipe. Its a very, very easy soup to make, the hardest part is dicing up onions, you get all teary if you don't use tricks and cold water. I decided it would be a smart thing and let the vegetables cook slowly while I go play on the computer. Bad idea. I got yoinked into fail-tanking Nexus and completely forgot about my pot on the stove. Forgot about it until the faint smell of burnt potatoes filled my nostrils.
Of course, not all burnt means ruined food, it could be salvaged, so I continued with the recipe, not wanting to waste the ingredients. The next step required me to heat up water and flour into a thickener for the soup..and add milk. Milk is something I don't keep in the fridge, real milk that is. I drink soy on a regular basis and the last time I bought some, I chose the vanilla flavor (that particular kind promotes good cholesterol or something like that.). At this point i was about 98.5% sure this soup was fail, and was only proceeding with blind faith that maybe by some chance, the cookery fairy would sprinkle a pinch of makebetter dust on the stove and it would turn out alright. But it didnt, stupid fairy. The soup reminded me of that one incident where I grabbed a can of sweetened condensed milk to put into mashed potatoes. Ew.

But not all of my culinary attempts are abortions!
Friday night I made some homemade baked macaroni & cheese, along with a spinach and roasted cauliflower salad (recipe can be found here)

And then today, for the first time (this has been a week for firsts!), I made a monte cristo.

It's a shredded turkey and brie monte cristo, first time I've eaten brie as well. I think that just kicked me down on some sort of cook/food chart.

I went with Samaree yesterday for some thrifting at St. Vinnys, and some lunch at Nick's Patio (1st). I found some cute sweaters, and a couple things to resell too, and had good time, although I was a bit sleep deprived.
We always seem to find the most outrageous sweaters when we go thrifting, if I were more crazy, and maybe wealthier, I'd collect them.
And by "collect" I mean get them out of circulation and burn them.

A while back I bought a utensil from a thrift store, one of things that you have no idea what it's used for, but it's just winking at you and saying "Are you going to put me in the basket or what?".

Now, the bottom part I know is a melon baller, but what about the top part?

Dec. 31st, 2009

bicycle! bicycle! i want to ride my bicy

(no subject)

Well my brother came into visit last night. Hah, that sounds so funny, like he just stopped by.
He had left Korea on the 26th? but was delayed overnight in Japan because of the weather.
Getting into Chicago from a 2 day visit with folks down in Ky, Mom and Dad drove up there (Chicago) to pick up Matthew, Chong, and Sam. Chong is Matthew's significant other, and as cute as a button. Same is not Matthew's significant other, but a male student who is going to MIT, and he is 14 years old.
When I got off work yesterday they were all at my house, opening up the dozens and dozens of boxes of books that Matthew had ordered and sent to my house. Thats what I did until midnight, pick them all up and put them into neat little piles. Matthew said the books that we can get for 50c here at a used book store would cost $20 over in Korea, and it would cost $50 to have a box of books shipped over there, from here. So ordering a buttload of used childrens books off of ebay (actually, i think he shouldve just gone to St. Vincents!) and then visiting us while picking up the books is the best thing. LOL.

Today they're going snowboarding! Not sure where around here, or what really exactly is going on, but I do know that I'm happy to see my brother and even if it means snowboarding, I would like to spend more time with him!

I'm getting a kick out of interacting with Chong and Sam, when they ate dinner at Nicole's they dug out some chopsticks from their luggage to eat their meatloaf.
Sam asked last night "GAP? What does that mean?" (The store)
and also, the one that embarrassed me a little, but was funny "IS THAT DOG PEE?!".
(Chewy pees in the snow on my porch, since he can't run about in the park.)
He seemed really shocked. Matthew was hilarious as well, I've forgotten what a clown he could be. I didn't get anything on camera, digital, video or stills, etc. So sorry too, because last night Matthew go to meet Gage (again). The very last time Matthew was here, was almost exactly 5 years ago and Gage's 1st birthday party. So of course Gage didn't remember him, but knew who he was from photos and us telling him.
It was sweet though, a very good night. And I need to clear out my camera to make room for a buttload of photos! I just wish I didn't have to work all this week, so I could spend as much time as possible with everyone, but I'm also glad that I don't to work evening shifts, which is a plus!
More later, this girl must shower!

Dec. 25th, 2009


Talks turn to resolutions and Spring.

Although I adore the Christmas holiday season, I will say, with blind enthusiasm, that I am glad it's over. And not just for the after holiday sales.
I'm happy to know that my 40 hour work week will be cut down by a day. Yes, happy.
Happy to have more time for myself.

I don't think I will get enough sleep tonight, there are so many things I'd like to do, and really should be putting them off until tomorrow night or Monday.
Sunday, the plan is to go to Goodwill for some more thrifting fun with Samaree.
And between then and now, there is only one 7-4 work shift..which starts in 9 hours.
But here I am wasting my time....time to sleep!

Dec. 16th, 2009

girl painting

(no subject)

Hah, I finally found some time to update, but too bad its not that much time at all.
Waking up at 5am tomorrow morning for work really puts a damper on me wanting to stay up much later tonight. I have a digital camera full of pictures I'd like to upload, but those will have to wait! I think spending time with family, catching up on movies, and BAKINGOMGBAKING! is much more important.
I'm trying my hand at these guys, Double chocolate snowquakes and bringing some to work tomorrow to help get some feedback..that is if this batch doesn't make me gag.
But then again, it is nothing but chocolate and sugar, who could hate that?!
It's kind of weird baking somethings for people outside of your family. You're extra worried stray hairs and constantly washing your hands. I'm Chef Howard Hughes! Hah!

Oh well. Next time I photo update, I'll be sure to include the outcome of these treats, typed with chocolatey fingers :p

p.s. It's now 1 week until Christmas :D

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